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To take things down a notch, J1 is a popular top-shelf hybrid that will almost always cost you a pretty penny. Sure, prices for this strain vary by location and this strain will be significantly cheaper in some states than others.

In Los Angeles, however, this strain can sell for over $350 per ounce, which certainly doesn’t make it the most cost-effective medicine in the world.

J1 is so pricey because it’s crystal coated and produces a delightfully upbeat sativa-dominant high. This strain is speedy, energetic, and joyful. This strain, however, isn’t overly stimulating. Rather, the J1 experience is focused and relaxed, making it an excellent daytime strain for experienced consumers.

This strain is fairly potent, featuring around 22% THC on average. Novice cannabis consumers may find this strain a little too speedy or loud for their liking, so this one is
recommended for veteran cannabis consumers.

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