Girl Scout Cookies Strain


Variety: Hybrid
THC Level: 18 – 23%
Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks
Yield: Moderate to Heavy


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Has a wonderful bouquet and intense mental stimulation right between your temples. It relaxes the muscles and eases tension.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Strain as GSC is a Cannabis Cup grant winning strain contained OG Kush and Durban Poison and is ideal for an after-supper treat or a nightcap. By intersection two overly mainstream strains, the underground rearing aggregate Cookie Family (or Cookie Fam) has had the option to lift THC levels to an astounding normal of 25% to 28% and brag CBD and CBN substance to 1% also. On the off chance that that wasn’t sufficient to lure you, at that point the flavor and smell will attract you. From the start opening of the pack the sweet, natural smells hit your nose and just become better as you break separated the buds. The smoke of this strain is sweet similar to and will positively charm you to these light green and purple-shaded buds. The red hot orange hairs and splendid purple leaves make it similarly as satisfying to the eye all things considered to the sense of taste.

The GSC high slings you into a rush of rapture and shivers that typify your body with next to no exertion. These ultra-controlled buds will make them question reality, while completely sticking you to your seat. The love seat lock on this is genuine, similar to the munchies, so make certain to have a case of real Girl Scout treats helpful for good measure. During the time long high, you’ll experience influxes of happiness that may have you in minor laugh fits, however that will back and forth movement into contemplation every once in a while. This is a connecting high that will positively make them feel inventive, yet attempt as you may, you likely won’t have any inspiration to complete anything.

GSC has some staggeringly amazing impacts that are gainful to the medicinal network from various perspectives. As a matter of first importance, this is an incredible strain for treating incessant agony, aggravation, muscle pressure, and issues. Its exceptionally soothing properties will make them feel help in a matter of moments. Furthermore, many utilize this strain as a pressure reliever. The sedative like sentiment of this bud places you in a position of complete unwinding, killing pressure and in any event, preparing you for a decent night’s rest.

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